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After a hectic day, a girl decided to relax. She called her boyfriend to spend a pleasant late evening. Whenever they want to relax, they always undertake a moment of incredible sex.

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When her boyfriend arrived home, the girl asked him immediately to follow her into the bathroom. She began to undress to awaken his desire. At that moment he was speechless on seeing the super-sexy lingerie from his girlfriend. So he approached his girlfriend kissing her and caressing her. The girl knelt and gently sucks it off. His cock already began to expand. After a few minutes of pipe, she got up began to stroke her with lavender soap. They took pleasure in the mild water jet. For its part, the guy slowly slides her lips on the skin of his girlfriend and arriving at her pussy, he began to lecture him cunnilingus turning his tongue in there, he's ready to pound.

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To avoid losing this wonderful moment, the man ordered his partner to get up and stand at the edge of the tub. Without further ado, he suddenly pressed his cock while his hands fixed on the two huge boobs and kissed like a bitch. While worshiping the position, the girl moaned, she was in seventh heaven and gasped with pleasure. Then the guy pulled his gourd, departed the legs of his girlfriend and drove him again. He nailed deeply that the cries were constantly heard in the bathroom. After long moments of penetration, she cut him again and he pressed a pipe increasingly hard for the ink deep into her mouth. The guys enjoyed and vomit his cum in mouth of the girl while pushing a cry of pleasure while the slut swallowed some of his sperm in her throat. They, then, repeat this action again.

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