Living with a silicone doll becomes a couple ritual

Even if the silicone doll is still very expensive at the moment, it is the best sex toy in vogue at the moment. It is mostly people who have been disappointed by their love story who adopt this doll as a partner.

How do these people view their silicone doll?

As a companion of the house who executes to the letter all that he orders to do without discussion. There are even dolls as a result of virtual reality that have been programmed to perform certain tasks in the home. Initially, these people considered the doll as a sex object, but with time, they became aware that they were happy with them. So, they started to take care of it as their wife. On the one hand, when you ask their close family, even though this situation looks like a mental illness, therapists have found that it is a kind of entertainment like many others. Indeed, these men who live with a silicone love doll know very well the difference between a human woman and a doll. And they hope to find love again one day.

All the pleasure acquired by a silicone doll

The pleasure at all times is the pleasure of sex. At any time, and in any circumstance, these dolls are ready to please its partner or owner. The confident partner is not afraid to catch a sexual disease. Just clean and dry her well and she is still ready for a hard sex party. For men who don't want to be around prostitutes, the plastic woman will do, plus considering the extravagant look of this street woman, she is not so different from the sexy doll. Even worse, if her owner takes good care of her doll, she is much more presentable than the botoxed women of today. On the other hand, for men who do not want to commit to a woman because she got pregnant, with a doll, this case does not exist.

And finally, the law does not prohibit a man from having several different silicone dolls, bigamy is just a correct practice when you have only doll partners., Peep show cams : last news